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A Roof Restoration in Cairns is a good choice if you have a roof that requires some touch-up work. Roof restoration or re-roofing means that the entire roof will be replaced, down to its base. If you are looking into re-roofing your home, it is important to find out if the replacement will cost is competitive by getting quotes from various vendors including us here at Cairns Roofing Services. We do roof repairs and restorations for both commercial and residential customers.

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Why Choose Us As Your Roof Restoration Company

Our contractors are licensed plumbers and have years of experience in roof repairs. Roof restoration and Roof leaks repair services in Cairns can be done quickly and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our Roof restoration service. As we work with many a variety of different roofing service providers here in Cairns, we can ensure quality workmanship for all roofing needs here in North Queensland.

We are proud to be servicing Cairns; everywhere from Cape York to Cairns city including Port Douglas and Kewarra Beach. If your building needs some roofing maintenance, call us today so we can come give you a quote at your property.

How much does a Roof restoration cost?

We all know that a roof is an important part of any home, but sometimes they just need some TLC. That’s why we offer professional roof restorations for metal roofs to bring them back into good as new condition at much lower cost than replacing it!

Roof replacement contractors in Cairns only look at the visible part of the roof, but an experienced Roof restoration contractor will inspect every aspect of the roof including flashings, guttering and drains.

What does a full restoration include?

Roof restoration cost in Cairns is affordable! Roof replacements can be expensive, but our Roof restoration services in Cairns are less than what you pay for a new roof. When you decide to restore your roof instead of rebuilding it, you’ll not only save money but will also get many additional benefits.

Roof inspection

When it comes to your roof, you should never take any chances, especially in North Queensland. A simple inspection can help save money and time from fixing potential problems in the future.

An average residential building will cost $200-400 for an expert professional assessor who has all sorts of specialist tools with them on site during their visit; if doing so is difficult because there’s no access or safety equipment required then expect that price tag go up significantly – sometimes even tenfold over what was originally quoted by phone conversation before they arrive at home.

Cleaning of roof surface

Before a roof restoration can occur, the roof needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Roof cleaning is done by a process called power washing, which uses a speciality water flushing machine that cleans away moss and other debris from the roof. Roof power washing is done by hand or with a gas pressure washer. Any shoddy workmanship could leave you with an even worse mess on your hands.

Repair of any damage found

After cleaning the roof any damage found needs to be repaired. Roofs are made of many different materials, which require specific repair technologies. Roofing repairs are not something to be taken lightly in Cairns or have done half-hazardly. Different types of repair work need to be completed depending on the type of roof found upon inspection.

a colorbond roof being installed in Manoora by Cairns Roofing Services
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a colorbond roof being installed by Cairns Roofing Services
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Installation of new roofing material

If unable to be repaired then the new roofing material needs to be replaced. Roofing materials are determined on an inspection of the current material. Roof restoration can involve a simple re-roof, or replacing of all existing roofing material. The type of roof needed is decided by the expert professional assessor who does the inspecting of your home. As our Cairns contractors know the area, there advice is invaluable.

Final inspection to ensure the job has been done properly

Upon completion of the job, a final inspection should be done to ensure there will be no leaks. Roof restoration should be completed completely before the rainy season starts. Roofing is not an area to try and cut costs, because this can lead to problems down the road. Roofs are important part of your home; they protect you from the elements and keep your house and belongings dry in the North Queensland wet season!

What Roof Repairs Are Included In Roof Restorations?

Roof rescrews can be a cheaper alternative to a full roof restoration in Cairns, but in some cases a full roof restoration is the only option. A full roof rescrew will need to be done every two to five years depending on many factors such as weather conditions and how much time is being spend in or around water. The quality of workmanship that goes into an average home with a budget rescrew is important as the roof can become damaged if the tradespeople are not careful when working.

When do you know it’s time for a roof repair?

When there is water leaking from your roof or gutter in an area that it shouldn’t then you know it’s time for a roof repair. Another sign is when you have your gutters coming loose from the roof structure. There are many other signs, but these two should be an indication that a roof repair needs to be done soon. Call us today and we can come see what maintenance work needs to be done and be able to offer a free quote.

As a local business in Cairns QLD specialising in all things roofing, call today and we can come out to your building and give advice.

a colorbond roofing in Earville by Cairns Roofing Services

When to seek help with roofing

When do you know when it’s time to get in touch with the professionals? If you have noticed any wet spots under your roof then it is probably a good sign that the roof has leaked there. Once you have identified a potential leak then that is a great time to call our team here at Cairns Roofing Services because there is a possibility that there could be other hidden issues that some of our other services could fix. Through a thorough inspection, that will include the gutters, facia and ventilation we will be able to identify any aging or damage and this will hopefully detect any other issues before they become leaks. We also offer this as a stand alone service so if you haven’t had your roof examined in a while please get in touch.

colorbond roof in Whitfield by Cairns Roofing Services

How much does a roof replacement cost?

If spotted early enough, most problems can be resolved with a roof restoration. This service can give your home or property a facelift and achieve very similar results of a full roof replacement for a fraction of the cost. It is difficult to estimate a cost without the property being inspected, we avoid over quoting by providing a free, no obligation inspection so that our team can advise you on what your best option is moving forward. Our consultants will offer you a variety of options and let you know the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision that works well for you, and your budget.

A roof replacement cost will be different for each house depending on a variety of factors. Pricing takes into account what roofing material is already there, whether its asbestos, steel, or tiles, and how much time will be needed to remove the old roof. When doing a roof replacement it is not uncommon for the roofing contractor to have to replace battens so that your new roof will have a strong foundation to be screwed against. Size and shape of the roof are also factors, and choose whether you are just wanting a single sheet Colorbond roof, or if you would like insulated panels. Generally speaking, the cost of a 3 bedroom house could range anywhere from $6000 to $10,000 in the case of replacing a metal roof with a Colorbond roof. You can find more about our pricing on our Roof Restorations Cost page.

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